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"Caño Negro our home, our oportunity"

Welcome to our home!

We grew up in the village of Caño Negro surrounded by the amazing wildlife that can be found just in the northern area of the country. We learned about the fragile and rich ecosystems of wetlands, so we thought about sharing this treasure. We decided to show travellers around the world our home. 

Don't miss this opportunity, Visit us!

We are Joel Sandoval Vargas and Rosi Arguedas Sequeira and our children are José and Elías. Paraíso Tropical Caño Negro is our family business.   


Joel was born in Caño Negro and Rosi in San Carlos. Our families are originally from Caño Negro, since they know pretty well the zone, they transmitted us the necessary knowledge that has helped us to improve our business.  


Joel loves fishing, he enjoys trying to catch a silver tarpon with a fly, or just a Guapote (Tiger Bass) which is a great option to prepare a delicious lunch.  


Rosi loves bird watching and learning every day about wildlife, both are in charge of guiding the tours with the help of some people from the community, like Ernesto our best friend and right hand.


Ernesto is one of the first guides in Caño Negro, he learns about the animals watching them every day and he is falling in love specially of the bird that is the reason that he is a birdwatcher and Rosi's teacher.


All of us are from Caño Negro, so leave your guiding for people that have grown and keep protecting the wetland where we live.  


Paraíso Tropical Caño Negro is more than just a tour operator, It’s a family that wants to show you a part of them, the nature and history of the town of Caño Negro; additionally, provide you a small part of our community throughout our boat tours.


Know and life Caño Negro from our life experience!

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