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Forest Walk

Let’s go into the mysterious kingdom of Caño Negro, where the magic of its flora and fauna awaits us. We will start with a boat trip that will take us through its waters, then we will get into the secrets of its forest. There, we can breathe deeply and feel the power of this wetland with every fiber of our being. We will witness the wonder of the details, discovering the smells, colors and sounds that will excite us. On this trip, we will be able to discover amphibians, reptiles, and a fascinating diversity of flora, while we follow the footprints of the mammals that inhabit these lands. And so, in this encounter with our mother earth, we will connect with the essence of what surrounds us.

It includes:

  • Fruit

  • Private Boat Tour

  • Forest Walk

  • Certified Local Guide & Capitain

  • Insurance in case of accident.

  • Entrance fee



  • Per person: $80


To make a reservation, kindly contact us via email at info@canonegrotours or through WhatsApp at +506 6034-7387.

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