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Night Walk

Immerse yourself in the enigmas of the plains nights under the subtle glare of the moon and the chants of the creatures that call us to discover Caño Negro. Enjoy the opportunity to explore the surroundings in a unique way, where we must sharpen our senses to discover the magnificence of the bright colors of frogs, the wandering flights of bats, the silence of owls and the sound of insects. In addition, we will take advantage of low light pollution and clear skies to practice night photography of the Milky Way and the stars. We adjust to your needs to make this experience truly memorable.

It includes:

  • Lights

  • Private Tour

  • Certified Local Guide

  • Entrance fee at the refuge.


Price per person: $40


To make a reservation, kindly contact us via email at info@canonegrotours or through WhatsApp at +506 6034-7387.

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