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Birdwatching Medio Queso

The wetlands of Medio Queso are a natural sight not to be missed. Located 30 kilometers northeast of Caño Negro, these swamps are home to some species of birds that are true rarities but that feel at home here.

Our trip starts at 7 in the morning, leaving Caño Negro and making some strategic stops to look for our feather friends. Already in Medio Queso, we will get on our boat to travel the different sectors of the wetland in search of the Garza Mirasol, the Ave Toro, the Sora, or the Zopilote Cabeza Amarilla, and any other species that crosses us on the way, either flying overhead or hidden among aquatic plants. Ready for this winged adventure?

It includes:

  • Fruit

  • Private Boat Tour 2,5 hours

  • Certified Local Guide during all the trip.

  • Insurance in case of accident.



  • 2  people: $120

  • Additional person: $40



  • Price doesn't include the shuttle from Caño Negro until Medio Queso. Our guide will accompany customers in their vehicle to ensure a seamless experience.

  • To make a reservation, kindly contact us via email at info@canonegrotours or through WhatsApp at +506 6034-7387.

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