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Organic Farm & Tortilla Tours

We go on a quiet walk along trails that meander through vanilla fields, orchards with medicinal and exotic fruits, and natural wetlands where you can see birds, emerald basilisks, tolomucos or even howler monkeys! After the hike, treat yourself to the local delights of the farm, such as Jamaica tea with lemon grass, or savor sweet pineapples and papayas, or even a refreshing fresh sugarcane juice. In addition, depending on the season, you can also try other fruits and vegetables grown on the farm!
Later, at Trapiche & Rest Bazú, discover how a traditional tortilla is made and taste a delicious picadillo with cheese or sour cream. Finally, treat your palate to a delicious lunch in the restaurant.

It includes:

  • Cinco Ramas Organic Farm Tour 

  • Tortilla Tour & Lunch in Bazu Rest.

  • Private Tours

  • Certified Local Guide

  • Insurance in case of accident.


Price per personn: $125​

To make a reservation, kindly contact us via email at info@canonegrotours or through WhatsApp at +506 6034-7387.

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